About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

My name is Nadya and ever since I was a kid, I’d wanted a life of adventure and freedom. Exploring the world, seeing new countries, trying different foods, experiencing other cultures.

Well, that’s what I wanted whenever I let myself think about it.


Throughout my 20s, I just wanted to survive.


My dad had died in a car crash and life at home went into a tailspin.


Think extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, and an overwhelming desire to sleep for a couple decades.


There was one other problem standing between me and the life I wanted: the culture I’d grown up in. Get married young, stay at home, raise the kids. Those were the expectations people had of me, and I had for myself. I can’t say I wanted that life, but I expected it because that’s what I’d been taught.

I broke the rules I’d been raised with and took advantage of my dual citizenship. I have worked a variety of jobs in several different countries, including bartending, cable internet installation, and tour guide.

And all my life, I've had a love of books that has now translated into the greatest freedom and fastest learning curve. Now, I'm a ghostwriter and an author. 

I write under a pen name because my family is conservative and I aim to give them plausible deniability. Swear words, magic, and fighting aren't considered 'acceptable' on the surface. That's okay.

I'm a speaker, a Sayre, through and through. Maybe, just maybe, my pen name is my biggest truth.