About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Ever since I was a kid, I’d wanted a life of adventure. To me, that was freedom. Exploring the world, seeing new countries, trying different foods, experiencing other cultures.

Well, that’s what I wanted whenever I let myself think about it.


Throughout my 20s, I just wanted to survive.


My dad had died in a car crash and life at home went into a tailspin.


Think extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, and an overwhelming desire to sleep for a couple decades.


There was one other problem standing between me and the life I wanted, and that was the culture I’d grown up in. Get married young, stay at home, raise the kids. Those were the expectations people had of me, and I had for myself. I can’t say I wanted that life, but I expected it because that’s what I’d been taught.

In order to have my chosen life, I’d have to break the rules I’d been raised with. The realization that the rules and the life that worked for so many of the people I’d grown up with didn’t suit me was a hard truth to face.

Slowly, slowly, I found my way, through a variety of jobs in several different countries. Through it all, I’ve had a love of reading that eventually translated into a love of writing. Recently, I turned my love of writing into a new career path and begun freelance writing.

Getting here required me to push the boundaries that had been set for me, break the rules, and find my own trail.