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Hi, my name is Nadya

And I'm the dragon of this trove.


I grew up dreaming of a life of adventure and freedom. Exploring the world, seeing new countries, trying different foods, experiencing other cultures.

In my 30s, I got it.

I also began the biggest adventure ever, writing books.

Unlike many authors, I didn't grow up wanting to write for a living. Instead, I wanted to read. I didn't think I had much imagination, or any ability for storytelling. 

And in my culture (see: religious fundamentalism) 90% of what I read would get me lectured or punished. As for what I'll end up writing...

Let's just say people freak out if you mention magic, much less dream, imagine, and write about it. 

I broke the rules I’d been raised with and wrote a book that most of the elders try to pretend didn't happen

I'm a big sister, an aunt, and either the funnest or dullest person you've ever hung out with, depending on my mood and whether I like you. 

The Rebels is my first book, but it's by no means my last.

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