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3 Reasons to do a Kickstarter

I've heard of Kickstarter before, years ago, from an author who successfully used it to fund publishing his book and creating a fun community of people who were interested in books, and his style in particular.

In those days, I thought, "I could NEVER do that."

This year, I changed my mind.

(A little taste of a sketch. I said Katz Kalpakoff was amazing!)

Going on the author journey isn't one I had planned ten years ago. Back then, all I did, every chance I got, was read. I read every book I could get my hot little hands on and loved every minute of it.

In my wildest dreams, I never saw myself writing a book, much less publishing it. I published my first book 1 year ago, today. I've made so many mistakes, learned so much, and I'm still learning.

I'm part of several Facebook groups dedicated to writers and authors, and I have to google how to do 90% of the things they recommend, but it's working. I'm learning and growing.

Now, I'm almost ready to publish my second book.

That's when I looked at Kickstarter and saw the potential, how I could utilize, grow, and have fun.

That's really what it is. Potential.

With that, here are my top 3 reasons to do a Kickstarter Campaign:

The Chance to Grow

Kickstarter campaigns bring small artists and creators to the forefront, introducing them to new people. It gives all of us a chance to create, to stretch, to expand your horizons. To be a part of something amazing, creative, magical. To find new authors, new genres, to support and be supported.

It's going outside your comfort zone, both as a creator and a sponsor, taking a chance, seeing the results, cheering and being cheered.

It's a hella cool community.

Be a Part of Something Greater

This one applies to everyone involved, from creators to the people who see a worthy cause and fund it.

Because of the Kickstarter campaign I'm currently planning, I've met an amazing artist, really connected with a cousin, bonding over the planning process, and met tons of amazing people.

(By the way, the artwork my artist, Katz Kalpakoff, is working on is INCREDIBLE!)

As a sponsor, you're getting to know a creator on a more personal level, getting some awesome swag, and well, I'm sure there's a lot of personal satisfaction and excitement involved, too!

Make Your Dreams Come True!

I wouldn't be a creator if I didn't add this one!

If you dream of becoming a self-published indie author, this is definitely a way to go!

If you dream of being part of the creation process and directly responsible for things happening (plus getting cool swag and rewards in return), then this is DEFINITELY for you!

I have a cousin who signed onto Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter (you know, the insanely, wildly successful one that raised over $43 MILLION) and he's pleased as punch. He's getting a YEAR of Brandy Sandy, an absolute dream for someone who's read all of the author's works available to date.

This is a dream for him, and it makes me smile every time he talks about it, and about what he's getting from it.

It's the same level of excitement I hope to bring to my readers, and I have to say, personally, the artwork alone is enough to make me giddy!

Tell me, have you heard of Kickstarter?

What do you think of it?


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