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Avchak's Mistake

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

During Quarantine, one of my cousins messaged me, asking if I wanted to be a part of a small writing challenge.

Yeah, sure. Why not?

This is the first challenge, and the topic was Why are Sea Monsters Afraid of Lighthouses?


Avchak swam lazily through the water, enjoying the sensation of tossing waves. It stormed above the world, tiny droplets of water falling from the hells. He flirted with the space where ocean and Poison met, these Times of Droplets being the rare occasion when he could approach the Poison.

Dancing through the waves, Avchak closed in on the rocks. He loved this area, and the currents caused by the World meeting and fighting with earth. His tentacles brushed the rocks, guiding him around, over, and through the currents. Darting away from the cliff to get enough space to play, the creature froze. High above, deep into the Poison, a single large, bright eye glowed!

Avchak played by this meeting of World and rock many times throughout his life, and this eye had never been here before. In fact, only the World contained creatures large enough to have eyes so big. Avchak had never heard of a creature of Poison even remotely similar in size to his kind, much less one so much bigger. Perhaps it was one of the Waravians? They were certainly the right size, and their eyes glowed, but it was a different color, and their flippers and fins didn’t allow them to move about in the Poison. Even if those freakish creatures could breathe Poison.

Avchak spun, lunging as close to the Poison as he dared for a closer look. It wasn’t too much higher, perhaps 16 fathoms away. Maybe a Waravian got stuck? Avchak swirled in amusement. Waravians thought they were the highest lifeform, completely ignoring the People’s superior maneuverability, intelligence, and sleek forms.

Yes, a Waravian must have gotten stuck. Clumsy coral.

Avchak snorted, blowing bubbles. Still, if a Waravian could get so high, it would never do for them have these bragging rights. The People’s honor was at stake, and only Avchak knew it! Something must be done…

Avchak spun, flaring all ten tentacles. He had it! He would brave the Poison now, during the Time of Droplets! If he were fortunate, he would also be able to identify which of the Waravians had gotten themselves stuck. He could bring a rescue party.

He slowly approached the rock, cautiously extending his tentacles into the Poison. They slithered and crawled over the rocks, so much harsher in Poison than they ever were in the World. As soon as Avchak had a good hold, he pulled. The unaccustomed strain caused him to squeal into the World, but he was determined. There was nothing a Waravian could do that one of the People couldn’t!

As soon as Avchak’s beak entered the Poison, he realized he’d made a huge mistake. The glowing eye sat atop a tall, tubular thing made of white. Two tentacles had already gotten a grip, a good enough one to know it wasn’t a Waravian. The thing was smooth, and hard as the rocks.

All his eyes were now in the Poison, and they began burning. Tentacles involuntarily released, pressing against his burning eyes, and Avchak plummeted back into the World.

Just on the other side from the Poison, Avchak circles, looking at the huge eye, hissing angrily. That thing was a trick! A trap meant to lure the People into the Poison!

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