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Happy New Year!

Ha ha, bloody HA!

(I started off my year in Fairbanks, Alaska. I miss Fairbanks. The people are crazy sure, but when your river (that smooth patch in the middle) freezes thick enough to drive on, I think you're entitled to be crazy.)

That's what we said LAST year, and we've seen how things have gone!

Yeah, sure, for some people it hasn't been that bad. Me, for one, but for a lot of people 2020 has pushed things way over the line, and there's been so much struggle I ache hearing about it.

Or I'm fucking pissed off.

But enough about 2020, Covid, murder hornets, and the weirdest game of bingo I've ever heard of.

Let's talk next year. Specifically, let's talk about the things we should be doing to end this year and the damn game of Jumanji.

Now, I've seen one post, probably on tumblr, because they're all nuts, that says what we should be doing on New Year's Eve, at midnight, is shout Jumanji. I just googled it, and apparently, once you reach the center of the board (midnight) you gotta shout "Jumanji!"

So who's with me on ending this absolutely ridiculous year?

Although I have to say, the memes have been lit, and I'm gonna keep going back to them because they're so damn good.

But I'm not going to miss the people who thought covid was a hoax, or the anti-maskers (pretty sure we'll never get rid of the anti-vaxxers), Trump, or the rest of it.

Here's hoping that next year we see a little more sanity, compassion, and common sense.

Probably not, because people are, well, people, and a good mix of idiots and assholes, but we really should be looking at What Could Be, rather than What Is, especially when What Is is so harmful to so many people.

Peace out, bitches, and I'll see you next year.


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