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Time and Desire

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Have you ever desired something - anything - but also decided you didn't have time? And so, you told yourself, "I can't."

Except that's not quite accurate, is it?

No, when you decided not to do it, what you're really saying is you didn't desire it enough to put in the effort.

The Scene:

Billie Jean wants to learn how to play the violin. It's something that's been on her mind for years, a deep yearning and desire. But, when confronted with actually taking violin lessons, she decided that she had other things more important.

A literature class, where she would always say, "Well, if people are still going next month, then I guess I'll keep holding it." Or, "If people are still interested in the following term, then I need to do it."

Which then leads to Billie Jean saying, "I can't learn the violin. I have other things I should do first."

Here's the thing:

"I can't" Isn't the Reason

What Billie Jean is really saying is that she doesn't desire playing the violin enough to actually put in the effort to do it.

Which is fine, and great. She wants to teach class more than she wants to learn violin.

But being honest about where priorities and desires are truly at is important to leading a more truthful life.

Because I see this all the time in people who claim they want to write a book. There are a million reasons to do something else. Writing a book is more of a pipe dream, a vague desire that they don't want to take action on.

Which is great, but maybe it's time to acknowledge what it really is: a dream that you have no intention of acting on.

My Desire...

My desire is to meet the people who are ready to make a move on their dreams.

The ones who know they don't have time, but their desire is stronger than where they are.

The ones who are willing to look outside the box and become an author anyway.

The people who are clever and creative enough to realize there is more than one way to achieve a goal, and since their desire is to become an author, they'll take action to hire a ghostwriter to do it for them.

They will achieve their dreams.

My desire is to meet these people because this is who I am. I looked around and found another way to fulfill my desires for life, and now, my desire is to be their solution.

If this is you, then that means this is your time to spread your wings and make those dreams a reality.

You found this post for a reason. DM me through Facebook, go to contacts and send me an email, ask for more information. I'm here to support you, not sell you on something you're not ready for.


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