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Words Of Power, Chapter Something

I've begun to realize I'm not going to turn out Words Of Power in chronological order. What I'm gonna do instead is just...throw the chapters out as I write them, and eventually put them in order.

Don't worry! They're in a document, and that will be in order, but I tend to write scenes later in the book if I come up with them, which is what happened here. So, Words Of Power, Chapter Something or Other, TBD

In Which the Odd Speech Wins

Annan strode down the line of soldiers, sword held high. “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM!”

The soldiers stared at the sky or the ground, uncomfortable, unable to meet his eyes.

Annan replayed what he’d just said, lips moving silently. “Fuck! Wrong speech! That one is meant for a laird’s son, fighting against their oppressors. Shit. Okay.” Thrusting his shoulders back, Annan turned back to the soldiers, raising his sword. “My brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! The day may come, when the courage of men fails, but it is not this- Son of a bitch! That’s the long lost king returning to save his kingdom.”

Pacing back and forth, Annan gave up. “Sigrid!” he bellowed. The huge barbarian woman nudged her horse out and rode forth. When she arrived, she stared down at the slender wizard.

“Yes?” she rumbled.

“I keep getting caught up in speeches from other…dimensions. Basically, I’m not supposed to be the one giving the damn speech. You’re the best one we have to stir the men for a fight. So, would you please give them a rousing speech?”

Sigrid nodded once. Turning her horse to face their meagre troops, she drew her broadsword. Brandishing it high, she indicated the forces of Evil. “We kill them, then we can take their gold, their weapons, and their women! All we have to do is kill a few, puny, scrawny little men!”

Annan had to admit that compared to Sigrid, most men were puny and scrawny, starting with him.

“Whoever kills the most men will win a place in my bed,” she added. Annan winced, thinking they’d lost the men, but the soldiers perked up. “As many nights as men he kills!” Sigrid shouted.

The men screamed, drawing their swords. With Sigrid, they thumped their swords off their shields. Spear men thumped the butts on the ground, all of them galvanized for the fight.

Annan hurried to the side. When he reached Alan and the others, he nodded.

“You nearly lost them,” Alan muttered.

“Yes, but how the hell did a promise of nights with her win them over?” Annan watched the barbarian direct her horse with casual movements of her legs, thick muscles shifting under smooth ski- He shook himself free of those thoughts.

Beathan sighed, watching Sigrid. The tiny cleric rested a slender hand over his heart, watching Sigrid prepare the soldiers for battle.

The rogue shrugged, watching the cleric. “Some men find it erotic, knowing that a woman can crush you with her thighs, and-”

“Stop!” Annan held a hand up. “I can’t hear any more of this.”

“What?” Alan laughed. “Afraid? Or horny…?”

The wizard glared. “I need to deal with the Evil soon. If you make it so that I lose my purity, I will be sure to tell the king is was your fault, so you can see the headsman right after me.”

Alan rubbed his throat. “No need to get nasty,” he muttered.

Tell me what you think!

Also, I got a few great chapter titles to work with, but nowhere near enough for an entire book. Have a think, and if you come up with any likely names for titles or mini adventures, let me know! There's a ton of ways to get a hold of me,

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