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The Irregulars


Coming Soon!

Forget your name.

Forget your former life.

She used to be called Hope. Now, they call her Captain.

For over a year, this small band in the Pacific Northwest has fought against an invading army. This army has claimed the West Coast.

Their home used to be called Oregon. Now it’s called the Liberated States of America.

Captain has a little problem with that, and she’s decided now is the best time to be the biggest pain she can be. First, she must rescue her brother, his companions, and blow up a town.

With old friends and new allies, they have a shot.

She’ll need to form an army, the kind that hits hard and melts away in the rain.

It’ll be unusual.

Irregular, even. But for the first time, they have a fighting chance.

An intoxicating read that follows a group of female freedom fighters, The Irregulars takes you on the ride of a lifetime. Hold onto your book during this page-turning thriller set in the lush Oregon wilderness.

Adventure awaits. Will you join the Uprising?


Become a part of the adventure and lock in your copies of The Rebels and The Irregulars by pledging to The Northwest Uprising Limited Editions Kickstarter today!

How it works: Go to the website. Create an account. Choose your tier and enter payment information. The funds will be automatically withdrawn 2-3 weeks after the Kickstarter ends on October 19.

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