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The Rebels

$24.99 / 2.99

Damn obedience.

Camping should be relaxing, a fun getaway. Then you return home to soft beds and a good meal. You should NOT find too quiet streets, foreign soldiers patrolling, the towns cold and dark, and people hiding in their homes.

Which is exactly what Hope and her cousin Sonya discover on returning home from a camping trip in the mountains. Even worse? Their families are missing.

Until now, she’d thought Red Dawn was just a movie, not a how-to manual.

Confused and pissed off, Hope and Sonya gather a few frightened souls, head back into the hills, and wait for a rescue.

Except no one comes.

Determined to find their families, this small band heads back to the Willamette Valley, accidentally sparking a rebellion and giving rise to a legend. With all the good choices gone, Hope doubles down, making the best bad decisions she can.

Set against the lush backdrop of the Oregon mountains, The Rebels is a fast-paced adventure filled with drama and danger, a rowdy female led action story. This apocalyptic fiction is perfect for fans of Garth Nix and Tamora Pierce.

The Northwest Uprising awaits. Buy your copy today to join!

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