Coming Soon!

The Travelling Storyteller Press is proud to announce our first book, which will be published this summer. 

The Rebels  is about family, hardships, and through it all, humor, love, and endurance.

It started as a camping trip. Just two twenty-something cousins relaxing in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

But when Hope Wilkins and her cousin Sonya return to their Oregon home, they find North Korean soldiers patrolling the roads, the towns cold and dark, people hiding in their homes—and their families missing.

There’s been an invasion.


Confused and full of questions, Hope and Sonya round up a few neighbors, head back into the hills,

and wait for the military to save them.


Except no one saves them.


What’s a girl to do?


Searching for their friends and families, this small band heads deep into the Willamette Valley—where they accidentally start an uprising they can’t, and won’t, walk away from.


Because strong women never back down.

Nadya Sayre 4 ebook.jpg