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The Travelling Storyteller Press is proud to announce our first book, published August 2021!

The Rebels  has danger, drama, insults, and found family.

To hell with being polite. My name is Hope, and my life has gone to hell.

I came home from a camping trip with my cousin, Sonya, to find foreign soldiers running around our beautiful Oregon town, our families missing, and every-fricking-person hiding in their homes.

We managed to find a few people willing to defy the standing orders and run for the hills with us. We hoped we'd find help there from the U.S. soldiers we’d seen previously in the Cascade Mountains, but their bunker is deserted, cold, and empty.

That bunker is now our new home.

I don’t really know what I’m doing—I’m a mechanic, for Pete’s sake!—but we’ve got to do something.

UPDATE: We did a thing. There were flames, bullets, and a car chase. We didn’t mean to, but we’ve started something big, something that I don’t think we can stop.

We started a rebellion.

We’ll see it through to the end, no matter what. We’re getting more people to join our uprising every day. Our once-peaceful Pacific Northwest is full of fighting and screams, but we’re not backing down.

There’s only one thing left:

Will you join the Northwest Uprising?


Coming Soon

The Northwest Uprising Book 2: The Irregulars

Join the Uprising with Captain, Sirius, Phoenix, and the rest as it grows. Cry with them, laugh, and fall in love.

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