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Hey! I'm Nadya Siapin, Ghostwriter and Author

As a ghostwriter, I'm here to help successful entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a manuscript, ready to take to the editor.

It's about you. Your book, done in your voice, without you ever having to type a word.

Leave a legacy that you can be proud of by sharing your knowledge with the world - all while saving yourself 300 hours.

Did you know that only 1% of people ever achieve their dreams of becoming an author?

They're too busy, writing is hard work, they don't know where to start...

My clients become part of the 1% and create a legacy without ever having to sit at a keyboard.

Schedule a free, 30 minute consult to gain clarity about your ideas and discover what is stopping your from moving forward with the steps to get your book done.


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If you are a successful entrepreneur who has the desire to create impact by writing a book but you don't have the time, my ghostwriting services are for you.


Coaching Services

Writing coaching is perfect for people who want to write their own book but need accountability and someone to help lead the way.


Nadya has been a great asset to our team at Unchain Your Inner Strength online magazine for female entrepreneurs. She’s been with us from day one and honestly, this magazine wouldn’t be possible without her consistent contribution. 


Nadya’s writing truly describes the amazing person she is. She writes from the heart, her own experiences, and trust me when I say, this girl really knows how to live life to the fullest, never a dull moment in her stories. 


Apart from the magazine, Nadya has been part of our Editorial team and also a co-author from our first book collaboration, Unchain Your Authentic Soul, Real Women turning their deepest pain and fears into Superpowers. Working with Nadya on this project was a real treat. She did a great job editing the other author’s chapters, making sure that their stories kept their authenticity and at the same time, were comprehensible to readers. 


If you’re looking for someone to help you with the written aspects of your business, I would highly recommend her. She’s efficient, focused, driven, and most importantly, she will know how to use YOUR voice in a beautiful and soulful way.

Maria C. Krause / Mindset and Business Mentor / Author / Publisher